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Made in 72 hours Ludum Dare 42. Jam Theme: "Running Out of Space" (GET IT? Inventory Space?? Hammerspace?? Ok.)

This is a fighting game for 2 players! You score when the other player gets hit. To hit the other player, pick up any item and throw it! You can charge up your throw by holding down the throw button. The player with the highest score after 2 minutes wins!

Looking to play with a friend online???

I tested out online play using Parsec with a friend who lives on the other side of the world and has a shoddy internet connection, and it seems to work fine! (At its worst, it was about a 0.3s delay, and this game is kinda crazy anyway, so I'm satisfied with how it feels!)

Ever heard of the Winnitron?

The Winnitron is a free arcade machine that showcases indie games! HAMMERSPACE was developed with the Winnitron in mind, so if there's one nearby you, check it out! You can also make your own Winnitron if you want! If you know of a Winnitron that isn't on that list I linked... tell the owner to update it, already!

Controllers are recommended (and will probably work better in the download version), but keyboard controls are:

Player 1:

  • Arrow Keys to move (press up to jump)
  • [.] to charge a throw
  • [/] to catch any item

Player 2:

  • WASD to move (press up to jump)
  • [`] to charge a throw
  • [1] to catch any item


  • Pressing escape brings up the pause menu.
  • Pressing P with the pause menu open will toggle the Control Remapping screen!


  • Your throw charge is indicated by a flashing circle that grows around the player as you hold the throw button. It can charge for up to 1 second. I recommend throwing every object at maximum charge!!
  • If you press the catch button with good timing, you can catch objects that are thrown at you. This is called a "counter".
  • Hold down to fall faster and bounce higher with good timing.
  • Double-tap down to drop through thin platforms.
  • You can carry up to 3 items at once. If you try to pick up a 4th item, your inventory will "Eject" an item at its maximum velocity! If this 4th catch is a counter, the object will be sent flying in the opposite direction the new item was heading.
  • Try out the different play styles! "First In, First Out" is the default, but "First In, Last Out" and "Random" can be more strategic and more fun, respectively!
  • Try out the "dodgeball" stage layout for a completely different experience. Only items can cross the palm tree threshold in the middle!
  • You can disable charging throws in the pause menu for a truly chaotic duel!
  • When I say you can "catch any item", I mean it.


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