• Shop example scene is better now.
  • Added "Drawstring" class, and moved all dialogue-parsing tools to that. Think of it like a dialogue box class!
  • Make sure to check out to docs & example scenes to see how this works, it should be a lot more streamlined and less muddy than the old jumper functions.
  • Added a visual novel example scene.
  • Added a "menu" example scene to show basic localization.
  • Added a "VisitedArray" class that works together with if statements. <<if #MyPassage> will be true if #MyPassage has been visited. Story.settings.visited.Reset() can reset this array.
  • Added custom functions! This can be overridden both on Jumpers and Drawstrings (So certain dialogue boxes can have gameobject-tied functions) They typically end up looking like this: <<myFunction(param,param)>>. Check out the Visual Novel and Shop scenes to see a bunch of these in action.
  • Jumpers update better now when passages are edited in the fleece editor window.


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Apr 16, 2019

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