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Fleece is the text & dialogue management tool for Unity that doesn't fray at the edges.

One Size Fits All

No matter what kind of project you're making, Fleece can comfortably manage its text with its node-based editor. It's already been integrated into Visual Novels, Rail Shooters, and 3D Platformers, not to mention their menus and UI! Text stored with Fleece can be used in multiple ways, not just a single type of dialogue box.

All-Season Looks

Fleece features localization tools such as CSV export/import, plays nicely with merging source control, and was designed to have an intuitive interface that fits into Unity's workflow. Passages can be organized with folders, and the special Jumper class can be used to easily put passage text in a scene! Don't know how to program? The "Generic Drawstring" component allows for custom dialogue boxes with no programming needed!

Do Not Remove Tags

Evaluate if statements, insert variables, set values, or run custom functions all inline with text! Use custom Parsers to connect to any save data system to these tags, not just the included one!

100% Recyclable Materials

Fleece is programmer-friendly, but also includes several examples that can be used for games, no programming needed. The "Drawstring" class works as a base for a dialogue box, and can be extended to work as any kind of dialogue box!

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GenreVisual Novel
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Buy Now$65.00 USD or more

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