• CanAdvance() is now canAdvance
  • Changed Advance() in the dialogue example to Continue() to avoid confusion
  • switched the same scene's font to arial so it doesn't become null upon import
  • Fixed the fleece editor popping up when playmode entered
  • Multi-passage inspector now lets you recolour multiple passages at the same time
  • Pinging a passage from a jumpers centres the view on it now
  • fixed being unable to use a second <<#passage>> tag in a block of text
  • added a new drawstring class that manages dialogue box functionality
  • both ! and - can be used to denote negated variables now
  • added custom commands that can use a <<command(arg0,arg1,etc...)>> tag
  • added an "Add" custom command. <<add($var,$-otherVar)>> <<add($var,10)>>


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Apr 11, 2019

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