* Added CSV export and import! Check out the section in the docs on exporting to and importing from CSV for more info! Long story short, you can now create, delete, spellcheck, and localize passages in an external CSV editor!
* Major overhauls to the Drawstring class. You will need to update your scripts!! Here's a basic rundown for people doing updates:
  * Drawstring now doesn't inherit from MonoBehaviour, and instead can work inside a monobehaviour, similar to the Jumper class.
  * `AllowGraphics()` is removed, the drawstring doesn't care about graphics now, only retrieving text.
  * `FindAvailableLinks()` is no longer a public method, it is only used internally.
  * `RunCommand()` is now `RunCommandEvent`. Subscribe to it with `OnEnable()` and unsubscribe with `OnDisable()`.
  * A drawstring can now return a single choice, and it's up to the user to decide to automatically follow it or not.
  * When a null link is followed, this now returns an empty string (to end a dialogue chain) instead of trying to parse a null passage.
  * `OnTextDoneReading()` is now `GetChoices()`. It returns a `string[]` that can be used together with `MakeChoice()`.
  * `Begin()` and `Continue()` are virtual methods now, and can be overridden to change default functionality.
  * Check out the sections on drawstrings in the documentation for more info, and check out the sample scene scripts for examples!
* Created a generic drawstring class, which calls UnityEvents.
* Fixed Fleece not compiling in a build.
* Fixed selection box showing up when dragging the window around.
* Fixed Fleece returning an error when targeting WebGL.
* Added a notes field to passages, for adding localization notes, etc. If passages have notes attached, they display a banner!
* Hopefully fixed the 4k monitor bug. There's a new variable in settings, "Hi Res Monitor Fix" for adjusting the problem as a temporary fix.
* Changed default id max to 99999, down from 9999999. This is for easier CSV passage creation. (It's easier to type 100001 than 10000001, and 99999 is still a LOT of passages.)
* Added a help box that shows controls in the top-right of the Fleece Editor window. This can be disabled in settings.
* Added an option to focus keyboard control to the raw text field when selecting a passage. If this didn't auto-select all text, it would be the default behaviour.
* Added an example scene that shows a simple "text log" style of dialogue.
* If no story is selected in the Fleece Editor window, a button to create a new story is shown.
* A Story's ScriptableObject inspector now has a button that will set it as the active story.
* The Generic Jumper can now be added to a GameObject through the add component menu, under "Fleece/Generic Jumper".
* Created links have empty names by default, now. This is because drawstrings can react differently to links with empty names. This behaviour can be changed in settings.
* Both Parser's and Drawstring's `RunCommand` methods now include the passage the command was run from, allowing you to grab variables from the passage for custom commands.
* Fixed a custom commands being on their own lines causing an error.


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Oct 04, 2019

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