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v1.8.4 + v1.8.5
v1.8.4 * Fixed a typo that prevented a new auto clip data from being created through the create asset menu. * AutoDelays, AutoClips, and Sound Clips can now wor...
1 file
* Reverted some parts of the code to load using the Resources folder instead of AssetDatabase so STM can be built in projects. * Cleaned up inconsistent line en...
1 file
* Big shader update! New fragment shaders replace older Unlit/UI/SDF surface shaders by default. (Older shaders have been marked as Legacy) New shaders have ube...
1 file
* Fixed a bug where "ignoreTimeScale" wouldn't work. * Fixed a bug where text wouldn't rebuild if Time.timeScale = 0. * Fixed a bug where using VertexMods would...
1 file
* Huge memory opto by RedVonix! * Materials folder referenced by the "New Material" button on the inspector will now be created dynamically, no matter where the...
1 file
* Fixed a bug where the vertical anchor position would be incorrect if a text mesh ended with a closing tag like `</w>`. * Fixed a bug where the bounds/alignmen...
1 file
* "textMat" is now "textMaterial". * Added a button next to "textMaterial" that creates a new material asset in "Assets/Clavian/SuperTextMesh/Materials" and ass...
1 file
* breakText is false by default now. * Bounding box for non-autowrapped text is now based on maximum width, not position of last vertice. * Fixed a bug where so...
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Support for Super Text Mesh, a text tool for Unity.


I'm more than willing to help you get used to using Super Text Mesh, but make sure to give the docs a look, first! The docs have a list of features, a changelog that details small additions and changes, and at the bottom it even has a list of planned features! Feel free to request a feature, even if it's on that list though!

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