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Recent updates

* Fixed a bug where SDF mode & pixel snap couldn't be toggled from STM's inspector in Unity 2018.1.1+. (Thanks, vostok4!) * Fixed a bug where all undrawn animat...
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* Fixed a bug where UI text wouldn't wrap. (Oops.)
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Text for Unity, Super-Powered!
* Fixed UI Default shader having mask enabled by default. * Changed how UI text sets text to canvas when set on Start/Awake. * Changed the events "customEvent"...
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* New hidden mask shader options available from the material inspector. * Fixed a bug where shaders wouldn't cast shadows. * UI Masking options appear as an enu...
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* Fixed a bug where trying to create a new material from the inspector of a UI STM object would fail.
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* Continue() and Append() always makes text start reading now, preventing a bug where sound clips wouldn't play after calling Continue(). * Events are called on...
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v1.8.4 + v1.8.5
v1.8.4 * Fixed a typo that prevented a new auto clip data from being created through the create asset menu. * AutoDelays, AutoClips, and Sound Clips can now wor...
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* Reverted some parts of the code to load using the Resources folder instead of AssetDatabase so STM can be built in projects. * Cleaned up inconsistent line en...
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Support for Super Text Mesh, a text tool for Unity.


I'm more than willing to help you get used to using Super Text Mesh, but make sure to give the docs a look, first! The docs have a list of features, a changelog that details small additions and changes, and at the bottom it even has a list of planned features! Feel free to request a feature, even if it's on that list though!

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