* Added a toggle allowing base offset to be relative to the size of a letter.
* Fixed STM returning errors when asked to rebuild while inactive. (Thanks, mrtenda!)
* PlaySound() is now a public virtual method, allowing STM to be extended to work with other audio engines.
* Fixed wavedata curves displaying the wrong parameter name.
* Cleaned up shaders a little. Maskmode can now go above 1 in the backend.
* Added UI prefabs, copying Unity's Button, Toggle and Dropdown prefabs, but with Super Text Mesh instead of Unity UI Text. Input Field is still a work-in-progress, having trouble making the caret play nice.
* STM works naturally with nested UI masks now. Added a "mask mode" variable to the component, itself.
* hyphenedText now replaces spaces with linebreaks, while still just inserting linebreaks on other linebreak-safe characters, preventing a bug where text would not align properly. (Remember to use drawText if you're trying to get the text that a mesh is showing without any potentially-added formatting characters!)
* Autodelays respond properly with the `<br>` tag now.
* Fixed UI text disappearing if it finishes reading and "remember read position" is true.
* Inserted hyphens are now soft hyphens.
* Added a unicode tag, `<u=unicode value>`.
* Insert hyphens now actually inserts hyphens when splitting at linebreak-friendly characters, aside from spaces.


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Aug 29, 2019

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