* Big shader update! New fragment shaders replace older Unlit/UI/SDF surface shaders by default. (Older shaders have been marked as Legacy) New shaders have uber shader properties, allowing culling mode, options to render on top, SDF mode toggle, and pixel snap all from the inspector. The only features that require changing shaders now are dropshadow/outline, and whether the shader is configured for UI or not, giving a total of just 8 basic shaders!
* Added a button to reset a material's render queue to the shader's original setting.
* Fixed a bug where the "custom event" unity event would render in the inspector twice.
* Fixed a bug where quads would ignore horizontal pivot points on rotation & scale waves.
* Fixed a bug where an error would appear if STM's font field is null in the inspector.
* Added an "auto quality" variable for UI text that automatically sets a mesh's default quality to match its default size.
* Internally, STM no longer uses the Resources folder to load its prefabs and default materials. These files may be relocated in a future update.
* Added undo support to all STM data objects.
* Fixed a bug where AnimationCurves set through the STM data editor wouldn't be updated on some computers.
* Fixed a bug where in a situation like ``<e=myEvent><pause><e=myEvent2>``, myEvent2 wouldn't play after a mesh continues reading.
* Fixed a bug where when a new scene is loaded, STM would rebuild even if the new scene was a new one loaded async.


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Sep 23, 2018

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