* Huge memory opto by RedVonix!
* Materials folder referenced by the "New Material" button on the inspector will now be created dynamically, no matter where the Clavian/SuperTextMesh folder is.
* Default vertical limit mode is now "Ignore".
* Fixed a bug where the first sound/event a mesh plays would ignore an initial delay.
* Added a "default font" varaible under "Master" in the textinfo inspector. This value is Arial by default.
* Fixed a bug where when using a non-dynamic font, if requesting a character that didn't exist in the font were to be requested, Super Text Mesh would ignore autowrap for the rest of the mesh, probably due to the invalid font data. This is fixed by requesting the character in the default font instead.
* OnFontTextureRebuilt() will only call Rebuild() if a mesh contains the font that is being rebuilt now, by keeping track of all fonts used in the mesh.
* Draw animations no longer clamp when lerping, allowing for AnimationCurves to go above 1. Included a "Spring" example draw animation to demonstrate this.
* Added a "character" accessor to the STMTextInfo class to quickly get a char from the stored unicode value.
* Color hex tags can now use # symbols at the start of them, but they are optional. (``<c=fff000>`` is the same as ``<c=#fff000>``)
* Extra character spacing after quads is accurate now.
* Added an "onPrintEvent" that gets invoked each time a new letter has been printed.
* onCompleteEvent, onUndrawnEvent, onRebuildEvent and onPrintEvent events now have matching C# Events, OnCompleteEvent, OnUndrawnEvent, OnRebuildEvent, and OnPrintEvent.
* Tacked-on events are now handled by adding a zero-width space to the end of a mesh and just letting it read out.
* Fixed a bug where quad index was being calculated incorrectly. (Thanks, Jakub!)
* Fixed a bug where text would anchor differently as it reads out.
* Updated 3rd party licenses to match Unity's new guidelines.
* Fixed a bug where Resources.UnloadUnusedAssets() would unload a Super Text Mesh's material. (Thanks, 薛玉瑶!)
* Added textBounds vectors that resize as new letters are drawn. RawTextBounds values replace maxX and minY.
* Text now uses its advance to determine its horizontal size. This means monospace fonts should center properly now.
* Based on Upper, Middle, and Lower anchor points, text will now read out from that given direction as the root.
* Fixed a bug where if a mesh contained only a linebreak or a tab (or a quad in addition to these), an AABB error would occur.
* Added back wrapText and limitText as uiWrap and uiLimit.
* Fixed a bug where UI text would constantly rebuild itself when highlighted in the editor.
* Fixed a bug where AnimateFromTimeDrawn waves would animate again when OnFontTextureRebuilt() was called. (Thanks, Tom!)
* Added more example scenes.
* Added a debug that appears when you try to use an undefined font.


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Aug 10, 2018

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