* "textMat" is now "textMaterial".
* Added a button next to "textMaterial" that creates a new material asset in "Assets/Clavian/SuperTextMesh/Materials" and assigns it to the text mesh.
* Material name can be changed from the material foldout, now.
* Removed Mesh Renderer and Mesh Filter components from UI Text Prefab.
* TextData inspector now has foldouts for each individual object. This prevents classes like waves taking up too much space on smaller screens.
* Waves now have an option for rotation waves!
* Waves can also do scale-based waves!
* "Disable animated text" now makes waves & jitters be ignored entirely instead of freezing in place.
* Fixed an issue involving a parent canvas being disabled causing errors on UI text trying to enable additional material layers for Unity 2017.1+.
* Removed lineCountLimit and replaced it with verticalLimit. In UI mode, this value can be determinded by the rect transform's height.
* Added new modes for how text will be treated if it goes over this limit, "Show Last", "Cut Off", "Auto Pause", "Auto Pause Full", and "Ignore".
* Hid debug mode from the inspector.
* Added support for pagination! If text has a limited vertically and set to "Cut Off" or "Auto Pause", all the remaining text will appear in a string named "leftoverText". This string will have all tags that came before it, and all raw text that comes after the cutoff point, so it's ready to be put in another Super Text Mesh object.
* Removed "wrapText" from UI text.
* Exposed a "maxX" variable, and added "minY", "unwrappedMaxX", and "unwrappedMinY" variables, too.
* Super Text Mesh responds properly to Unity UI elements like the Content Size Fitter, now!
* Fixed a bug where small text followed by large text might cause a crash if the autowrap value is too small.
* Quads now use unicode character U+2000 in hyphenedText, not `.
* Added overridden index quads. Use the tag `<q=myQuad,3>` to force a quad to use that index, or `<q=myQuad,0,1>` to force a quad to use the icon at that position.
* Init() and UnInit() are only called under OnEnable() and OnDisable() now, fixing a lot of scene loading related issues.
* Added Best Fit functionality! Under the "Appearance" tab, best fit can be set to Off, Always, or Over Limit. Always will make text size always be the autowrap limit. Over Limit does the same, but will not if doing so would make the text larger.
* Split SuperTextMeshData and STMTextInfo into their own scripts to prevent some errors with compiling ScriptableObjects.
* Events foldout is now outside of the timing foldout.
* Cleaned up custom inspector code.
* Moved Vertex Mod to be under the Events foldout.
* Added a PreParsing event. This can be used to parse text before it reaches STM's internal text parser.
* Removed autoVoice since PreParsing replaces that.
* Adjusting base offset no longer moves the bounding box, just text. To move the bounding box and text, just adjust the transform!
* Solved a bug with effects only meant to drawn once being called again.
* Updated all shaders to share code using .cginc files, making custom shaders easier to create. (Thanks, ompuco!)
* Fonts and quads now have the option to not override filtermodes, and fonts can opt to not override quality settings from a mesh.
* Fixed quads not aligning properly as last character in a row.
* Reorganized folders and sample scenes.


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Apr 16, 2018

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