This is a major update, meaning some classes have changed or parameters have been renamed! These are the main changes to worry about:

* Color is now stored as a Color instead of Color32. There is extra code in place to convert the old value to the new one upon OnValidate(), but otherwise no real changes have to be made to code.
* STMTextInfo now stores size as a Vector2 instead of a float. The old value is typically held by size.y now.

* Added an option to change the font used in STM's inspector under "Master" in the text data editor.
* Fixed a bug where STM would render if the component was disabled on scene load.
* Potential fix for a rare bug where Rebuild() calls itself.
* Temp fix for events being called again upon Continue().
* Added multiOverTime parameter to waves.
* Fixed line heights being incorrect under specific circumstances.
* Fixed inline font changes returning an error with specific circumstances.
* Fixed certain drawOrders not behaving properly.
* Added/fixed incorrect drawOrder animations when UnRead()ing.
* Changed "color" from type "Color32" to "Color" to allow animation. There is extra code in place to convert the old value to the new one upon OnValidate(), so revisit older scenes to update them. A message will print to the console upon conversion.
* Added a "forceAnimation" boolean to work together with this for color animation. Check out the "ColorAnimationTest" scene for an example.
* Upgraded the color tag! Now colors/gradients/textures can be multiplied with one another. Only the seperate types can be combined with eachother. (Meaning you cannot combine two gradients, two colours)
* Fixed an exception to the internal hex code validator method.
* Relative base offset no longer calculates Z.
* Fixed superscript text not being placed correctly under certain circumstances.
* Internal text size is now stored as a Vector2 instead of a float. You'll most likely want to use size.y if you have to update a script that uses size.
* Added two new best fit modes, "Horizontal Always" and "Horizontal Over Limit". They'll make text fit within autoWrap limits like the other best fit modes, but only change text size on the X axis!
* Moved some more generic-use scripts from the Sample folder to the Utilities folder.
* Upgraded STMRubyText.cs to fix some bugs and add some small features.
* Fixed broken Auto Pause and Auto Pause Full vertical limit modes. Also fixed Auto Pause, Auto Pause Full and Show Last vertical limit modes not reacting to line spacing besides 1.
* ZWrite is now off on the standard shader and material. (To match the other shaders and materials.)
* OnRebuild events will not not be invoked when Super Text Mesh rebuilds through a font texture rebuild.
* Text Data name fields now use Delayed Text Fields, meaning the names only apply when enter is pressed or focus leaves the text entry field.


Please go to http://supertextmesh.com/docs/SuperTextMesh.html#v1.11 for a complete list of all changes. Critical version changes such as namespace changes are listed there!


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Oct 13, 2020

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