• * Added a script to change sorting order, under the utilities folder.
  • * Fixed extra sounds being played on text that reads out very fast and has delays.
  • * Changed the variable "text" to "_text" and changed the accessor "Text" to "text". "Text" is still kept as a legacy fix.
  • * Fixed auto clips not being created when trying to create one in the inspector.
  • * Line count limit now shows the LAST lines of text in a mesh. Works with reading-out text!
  • * Added a "lowestLine" variable that keeps track of the latest line of text drawn by STM.
  • * Added an "indent" tag that lets you set a margin for text.
  • * Added a "pause" tag which pauses a mesh reading out until Continue() is called.
  • * Added an "automatic voice" under the master foldout of textdata. This field contains a string that will be added to the start of every text mesh in the project.
  • * UI text can only be anchored left now.
  • * Fixed the blue boundary box not being scaled properly when a text mesh's transform changes.


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Oct 01, 2017

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