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Just drag the asset into Unity and import it, then press Control+Shift+Alt+P (Command+Shift+Alt+P on Mac) to bring up the notepad window! You can then put it wherever you want and open it again with that shortcut.

Includes a slider for font size, and that's about it! Just a simple tool for writing down notes for your project, in your project!

Planned stuff:

  • Dont select ALL the text whenever the window becomes active
  • Remember carat position

If you have any ideas/suggestions, please let me know below!

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NotePad v0.4.unitypackage 2 kB


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Would it be possible to add strike through and bold options through a right click selected menu? I use Notepad daily btw - I freaking love it


Oh! It's been a long time since I've worked on this... but I don't think it's possible, unfortunately. It's just using Unity's regular inspector stuff which only supports plaintext. (But colour changes are possible, somehow? Not sure how useful that'd be...) I'm glad people are still getting use of this free asset I made for a tool jam, though!

I edited your code a little so it the text won't be erased if the notepad window closed or if the unity editor itself closed.

hope you don't mind :)

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Oh! Maybe it behaves differently on windows, cause on mac it seems to remember fine without EditorPrefs? But using EditorPrefs makes sure that you won't lose a note anyway, so I'll be updating the package to have this right now! Thanks! :D

EDIT: OKAY found a big problem with this! EditorPrefs stay consistent across ALL projects so... I just accidentally lost a ton of notes. But it's cool, uploading a small update that saves with a unique key to each project. Whatever, those notes probably weren't important anyway... (THIS THING REALLY NEEDS AN UNDO BUTTON???) I think I'd like for this to save to a txt file, rather than EditorPrefs, if anything? Losing notes like that feels... bad. It'd also mean that notes can get saved w/ git pushes. If v0.3 is uploaded, I've added this

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wow sorry just checked your reply, I rarely check itch.io heheh

what a coincidence. I edited the v.0.1 code further and added Undo capability , even though it's not perfect it's quite useful for me right now . heheh


it's great that you still update this tool. do you have any plan to upload this project to github? :D

Sweet, added it! Seems to work fine.

And yeah, I should probably use github for this! Just not sure how to set it up for one asset, actually? I've currently got all my Unity assets in one project file that I save to bitbucket...

do not upload the unity package, instead upload the project itself. its easier that way

just add this gitignore to your project , git init, add, commit, push to github and you're ready to go https://github.com/github/gitignore/blob/master/Un...

I'll gladly help you if have any problem with it :)