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Just drag the asset into Unity and import it, then press Control+Shift+Alt+P (Command+Shift+Alt+P on Mac) to bring up the notepad window! You can then put it wherever you want and open it again with that shortcut.

Includes a slider for font size, and that's about it! Just a simple tool for writing down notes for your project, in your project!

Planned stuff:

  • Dont select ALL the text whenever the window becomes active
  • Remember carat position

If you have any ideas/suggestions, please let me know below!

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NotePad v0.4.unitypackage 2 kB


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I edited your code a little so it the text won't be erased if the notepad window closed or if the unity editor itself closed.

hope you don't mind :)

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Oh! Maybe it behaves differently on windows, cause on mac it seems to remember fine without EditorPrefs? But using EditorPrefs makes sure that you won't lose a note anyway, so I'll be updating the package to have this right now! Thanks! :D

EDIT: OKAY found a big problem with this! EditorPrefs stay consistent across ALL projects so... I just accidentally lost a ton of notes. But it's cool, uploading a small update that saves with a unique key to each project. Whatever, those notes probably weren't important anyway... (THIS THING REALLY NEEDS AN UNDO BUTTON???) I think I'd like for this to save to a txt file, rather than EditorPrefs, if anything? Losing notes like that feels... bad. It'd also mean that notes can get saved w/ git pushes. If v0.3 is uploaded, I've added this

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wow sorry just checked your reply, I rarely check itch.io heheh

what a coincidence. I edited the v.0.1 code further and added Undo capability , even though it's not perfect it's quite useful for me right now . heheh


it's great that you still update this tool. do you have any plan to upload this project to github? :D

Sweet, added it! Seems to work fine.

And yeah, I should probably use github for this! Just not sure how to set it up for one asset, actually? I've currently got all my Unity assets in one project file that I save to bitbucket...

do not upload the unity package, instead upload the project itself. its easier that way

just add this gitignore to your project , git init, add, commit, push to github and you're ready to go https://github.com/github/gitignore/blob/master/Un...

I'll gladly help you if have any problem with it :)