Electrophonics is a collection of virtual musical instruments, inspired by games such as Music On: Electric Guitar by Abylight Studios and Electroplankton by Toshio Iwai.

Jam out!

Electrophonics features two instruments as of now, with more planned to be added in the near future. You can try them out in the free Web version above!



Turn your keyboard into a fret board! The ukulele features mouse controls for detailed strumming, as well as a chord namer. All the keys can be remapped by clicking on them, so it'll work with any keyboard layout.

Pan Flute

Pan Flute

You can blow into your microphone to play this totally-customizable pan flute! Drag the pipes longer or shorter to change their pitch,  and add as many pipes as you want. Yes, this can even output a MIDI signal in the Windows & Mac versions.


Download-exclusive Features

If you pay for the download... thank you for supporting the project! You'll also get access to the following features, not available in the free Web version.

MIDI Output

Electrophonics can function as a MIDI device on both Windows and Mac! This means you can use it as input for anything that accepts a MIDI signal, whether it's a virtual MIDI cable application to route directly into a DAW such as Ableton or FL Studio, or a physical MIDI-enabled device! Whether you use Electrophonics for professional music production or just to make a ukulele sound like a piano is up to you!

Hi-fi audio output

The Web version of Electrophonics uses compressed audio files to improve performance, and can sound a bit "clicky" from time to time because of this. In the Windows & Mac versions, all files are kept in their original format (with a 96kHz output!) to get a hi-fi sound signal.


In the near future, I will be adding more instruments to the collection, and the price will go up accordingly.

Let's Jam!

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Release date Dec 04, 2019
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Made withUnity
TagsInstrument, MIDI, Music, Music Production


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